IIPP Initiative

Institutional Investor-Public Partnerships (IIPP)

IIPPs are innovative infrastructure investment partnerships between a governments and an institutional investor or investors to mobilize private capital at scale and deploy that capital at speed in respect of climate-focused infrastructure investment programmes and projects to deliver a country’s NDC commitments.

IIPPs benefit governments, institutional infrastructure investors, consumers and civil society.


GOVERNMENTS with limited funds and competing expenditure requirements RECEIVE WORLD CLASS, essential and well-maintained GREEN INFRASTRUCTURE ASSETS.

Institutional Infrastructure investors

INSTITUTIONAL INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENT takes place over the full life cycle of a climate friendly infrastructure asset(s), not just for an investment, economic or political cycle. This significantly improves the asset’s prospects of enhancing economic and private sector development, job creation and regional and domestic trade and investment competitiveness.

Consumers and Civil Society

CONSUMERS and CIVIL SOCIETY benefit from reliable climate friendly infrastructure delivery, budgetary discipline and long-term real investment returns.


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